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Synequin Equine

Synequin Equine


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Synequin Equine Powder delivers the necessary nutrients to promote and maintian healthy joints and cartilage production.To maintain its form and function within the joint, cartilage requires specific nutrients. Increasing the supply of these nutrients may help with their availablity and ensure the joint is optimally equipped to cope with the excessive forces it is subject to during training and in competition.

Such nutrients are known as Chondroprotective Agents. Synequin provides the cartilage matrix with these key building blocks and supplementation with Synequin may help to ensure much higher availability than your horse can achieve from a normal diet.

Maintenance: As all horses are different and their conditions vary widely it is important to monitor their movement and comfort level daily to determine optimum feeding levels. Experience has shown that, in general, intake can be reduced gradually to one scoop every other day. However, your veterinary surgeon will advise you based on the breed, age, weight and condition of your horse.




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